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You might have heard of the story in which, few blind men got a chance to inspect the huge elephant. All of them ended up with different definitions for the elephant. All of them were right in a sense, but none of them were comprehensive. This great man known by the name P A Sayed Mohammed has also many facets to his public life. People who have been influenced by him, tells us that he is a visionary, Historian, Writer, Journalist, Malayalam Literature Guru. May be the best word to define him would be of a "Consolidator". He landed in Kerala's public eye through his actions in Student Polity and his revolutionary thoughts, with a secular viewpoint.

His helping attitude towards his friends and oppressed, was the hallmark of his life. Lovingly called "Sayed" by his friends and acquaintances, he spend a good portion of his life in shouldering the burden of the oppressed, and lifting them up to give them the respect and dignity in a society, which divided people.

The Students and the Youths called him "Ustaad" for the guidance he gave them. Many of these young ones who grew under the shadow of this Ustaad, later became great leaders in the society.


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