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About P A Sayed Mohammed (..contd)

He was born on 29th November 1929. Even during his early student days, he had great attachment towards literature and was an active member with many literature societies. He started his literary career from the tender age of 14. After his high school education, he started his professional life as a language teacher. In 1946, he received an award from United Kerala Convention, Trichur for Oration and Essay writing competition. He was also part of the Indian delegation that attended the 1949 - World Youth Convention in South America.

Charitra Keralam, Sancharikal Kande Keralam, Keralam Nootandukalku Munpu,  Kerala Charithra Veekshanam, Charithra Chintakal, Kerala Muslim Charithram, Charithram oru Kannadi are some of Sayed Mohammed’s work. In 1952 his book, Charithra keralam was recognized as the best book on Kerala history and therefore received the prestigious award from the Government of Kerala. He also received award from the Government of Madras for his books.


Within a short life span of 46 years, he received the reputation of being a great historian, penned 17 historical classics and published Kerala Muslim Directory and a monthly publication named Sargam (Malayalam Digest). He was also the editor for Malayalam Express, Janashaktiand YuvaKeralam.


When he passed away, he was the secretary of Kerala History Association. He left us for his eternal abode on December 20th 1975.